The West of England Costume Society (WECS) is an unincorporated association that is owned and operated by its members, who together take responsibility for its debts. From time to time the members elect a Committee which administers its affairs and arranges events.

These Terms and Conditions, along with the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and also cover the WECS publications and website, whose content is owned and operated by the WECS. The copyright and other intellectual property rights, including trademarks, the Society logo and related domain name addresses are either owned by WECS or licensed to us by the owners of these rights. You may not use any of our intellectually -owned content without our permission.

When joining as a member or attending an event we require you to confirm that you have read, agree to and are bound by these Terms and Conditions and also by our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Your personal details (data) are collected, stored and processed according to our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.


Membership is annual and runs from 1st January to 31st December and is payable in full in January. Those joining during the year are normally required to pay the full annual subscription, which may be reviewed from time to time.

Membership fees can be paid by cheque, PayPal, bank transfer or standing order. A ‘period of grace’ is allowed until the date of the March study Day, after which, if membership is not renewed, members will be deemed to have resigned and their details removed from the membership database.

There are four types of membership:


These terms apply to bookings made directly from the WECS website and our paper forms. They do not apply to any external site to which you may have been directed via a link. Events are open to non-members.

The total current price of any event will be shown on the website or a paper application form. Payment may be made by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer, but your booking will be considered as provisional until payment is cleared. .

When you make a booking with us for any event you indicate by ticking the relevant box on the form that you have read, do agree with and are bound by our terms and conditions, and also our privacy and data protection statements. We cannot accept your booking unless you have done so. We endeavour to send an acknowledgement of your booking request by post, if you have provided an SAE, or by email if you have provided your email address.

WECS reserves the right to cancel any event because of unforeseen circumstances or lack of bookings. Our maximum liability will be a refund of all monies you have paid the WECS for that event. No further liability for any reason will be acknowledged. If you are unable to attend an event a refund will be made only if your ticket can be resold.

Document issue date: April 2020