The University of Bristol Theatre Collection

The University of Bristol Theatre Collection

Thursday 24 May 2018

Dr. Jill Sullivan, acting Assistant Keeper, will give us a conducted tour for one and a half hours starting in the exhibition spaces where she will tell us about the Theatre Collection history and the collections generally. There is a limited amount of display space and unfortunately the majority of costumes are stored off site, which is not available for tours. However, there will be a small exhibition on Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh showing some of his costumes and items belonging to Leigh. We will then tour the store-rooms and finish in the library/reading room where we will have the opportunity to sit down and look in details at the work of costume designers such as Julia Trevelyan Oman, David Walker, Deirdre Clancy, Alan Tagg and others. Some of you may remember Deirdre Clancy who holds Oscar and BAFTA awards for costume design and came to talk to us about her work and the history of theatre costume at the 2016 AGM.

This is an impressive collection of archival material to do with putting theatre on the stage and recording it from 1572 to the present day, along with live performance art from the 1960s. The collection holds over 20,000 books and 300 journal titles, which are available on open access in the library.

The Mander and Mitchinson Collection is one of the three largest theatre archives in the country and reflcts the public and private “life” of theatre from the 18th century to modern times.

If you have any particular interest and would like to request to view something in the archive then do ask and I will forward the request.

If you look online you may see something that might interest you.

Numbers are restricted to 10 so book early. If the demand is high it may be possible to arrange a second visit.

This is a get-yourself-there trip.

The report on this event is included in the Autumn 2018 issue of WECS Wardrobe.

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