Christmas Meeting - Dress in the Time of Jane Austen

Christmas Meeting -
 Dress in the Time of Jane Austen

Saturday 18 November 2017

By the time of the WECS Christmas Meeting the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen will have already been celebrated or perhaps a better word is commemorated by her millions of fans, as she died at the very young age of 41. The places where she lived and died currently have numerous events about her work, as well as The Bodleian Library in Oxford and the British Library.

Fashionable dress did not feature much in her writing except where it served to enhance a character but she frequently wrote to her sister Cassandra about the latest fashions she saw in Bath or London. Neither did she include much about the politics of the day although her family were caught up in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars and she lived through some dramatic times with fashionable dress also undergoing some dramatic changes.

Sarah Jane will take us through these revolutionary times when for a short period London replaced Paris as the centre of the fashionable world with designs inspired by classical democracy.

Sarah Jane Downing is a freelance writer with a special interest in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She has written a number of books for the Shires Library as well as contributing to national magazines and newspapers.

Why not come in costume and really enter into the spirit of the age?

For all those interested in costume reconstruction of this period, WECS invites you to dress up for the occasion. I’m sure there will lots of interest in how outfits are made.

For those who find the walk to the Bowls Club difficult, there is the University U1 bus service from opposite the bus station and from the Abbey. The busses stop at the bottom of Bathwick Hill, about a hundred yards from the venue.

The report on this event is included in the Spring 2018 issue of WECS Wardrobe.

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