AGM - Foale and Tuffin

AGM - Foale and Tuffin

Saturday 03 February 2018

It’s always good to welcome back someone who belongs to Bath and who has made his mark in the exciting world of Fashion Journalism. Iain R. Webb returns to tell us about two young, female designers from the sixties who set up their own fashion label and showed women could design, make and run a successful business.

Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin dressed the Swinging Sixties. The pair met at Walthamstow Art School in 1955 and studied together at the Royal College of Art, before embarking on a trailblazing career in fashion lasting throughout the 1960s. Quirky, youthful creativity, acute sensitivity to the latest moods and trends, expert craftsmanship, and a little good fortune placed them at the hub of the cultural explosion in London that defied the era. Their boutique off Carnaby Street was at the epicentre of the new fashion scene. The Foale and Tuffin story perfectly charts the decade of unprecedented change.

Iain R Webb – fashion writer; Professor of Fashion & Design, Kingston School of Art; associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art and Bath Spa University; Fashion Features Editor at Large at Ponystep magazine; Consultant at Fashion Museum, Bath.

The report on this event is included in the Spring 2018 issue of WECS Wardrobe.

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